• Gasket problems with your commercial refrigeration unit?

    • Leaking gaskets make it hard for your cooler to hold temperature, resulting in compressor overloads.
    • Escaping cold air causes your electric meter to spin even faster.
    • Don't have the health inspector be the one to find a torn gasket.

    We'll fit the proper OEM (original equipment manufacturer) gasket to your unit.

    Various gaskets
  • We replace door gaskets on commercial refrigerators.

    We repair refrigerator doors, and carry a full line of refrigerator door hardware.

    • Don't overload your expensive refrigeration equipment with leaking and torn gaskets.
    • Well maintained hinges and closers also help retain cold.
    • Waiting on small maintenance items wastes money due to higher energy costs and lost product.
    Walk in refrigerator
  • We measure and install custom cutting boards.

    Our wooden cutting boards are made from Pacific Coast maple.

    This beautiful hardwood wears exceptionally well under the most demanding conditions.

    Our customers have used them for sandwich stations, bain maries, steam tables, baker's tables and carving stations.

    Wooden cutting boards
  • We carry a full line of door and drawer hardware for your kitchen and bar needs.

    Hinges, latches and door closers are our specialty.

    Installing door closers and replacing worn hinges will maximize the efficiency of your refrigerator doors.

    You'll have less down time because if it.

    Door and drawer hardware
  • We have replacement parts for most sprayers and drains.

    Don't call a plumber unnecessarily. Often problems can be cleared up with a quick visit by Commercial Gaskets and the installation of a common, inexpensive part.

    A stopped up sink slows down the kitchen and are a special nuisance during the your rush times. Maintain your sink sprayers so they retain a forceful stream and let your dishwasher clean up quickly.

    We stock parts for the major brands.

    Walk in refrigerator strip curtains
  • We install the most efficient strip door for your walk in refrigerator.

    Strip doors are an inexpensive way to maximize your energy dollars.

    Proper use will reduce your energy consumption by minimizing the amount of warm air entering your walk-in boxes.

    They will pay for themselves in about six months.

    Walk in refrigerator strip curtains
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    We are door experts. Since 2004 Commercial Gaskets of North Jersey has become the most experienced refrigerator door repair company in North Jersey. No one has more expertise to help you with your door problems than we do.

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    We're dedicated to helping our customers achieve maximum efficiency from their refrigerators and ovens. We're committed to helping our customers pass EcoSure quality assurance inspections.

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    We do it right the first time, and guarantee our installation so that your gaskets have the right fit and seal on all sides of your doors. We use OEM gasket extrusions to make our gaskets. We are fully insured.

Selected Testimonials

  • In a nutshell, Kent from Commercial Gaskets is an honest, reliable, hardworking man. We have been using his services for years - He shows up when he says he is going to, his work is reliable, and his pricing is very fair.

    Chris Kunisch Owner, The Allendale Bar and Grill

  • We have been using his services for years - He shows up when he says he is going to, his work is reliable, and his pricing is very fair.

    Sean M. Tremble Kitchen Manager, The Iron Horse

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Why Commercial Gaskets?

I'm a proud contractor member of ServiceChannel.

We are the leader in commercial gasket replacement in North Jersey. We'll help you pass inspections, and make your equipment more energy efficient.

Our experience gives us the edge in difficult door and drawer problems. You can rest assured that the job we do will be done right the first time.

When your restaurant is busy, small problems are magnified; take care to maintain your equipment when you and your staff are not rushed.