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Commercial Gaskets will send a technician to evaluate your kitchen equipment, and explain what needs to be done.

Our knowledgeable staff will point out how to make your equipment more efficient. We carry a complete line of door and drawer hardware to service your kitchen needs.

Some services we offer:

We service commercial kitchens and bars in restaurants, hotels, catering facilities, corporate centers, hospitals, senior homes, sports arenas, schools and country clubs.

refrigerator Two Door

Why you need...

  • gaskets?

    • Save energy & money
    • Avoid bacteria
    • Pass inspections

    Torn or missing gaskets can allow warm air to enter your refrigerator wasting energy dollars and make your equipment wear faster.

    Cracks in gaskets allow bacteria, insects and mold to avoid detection. Even small cracks can be a big problem.

    Keep the health inspector away and pass EcoSure Q.A. inspections with our new gaskets.

  • hinges?

    • "Close that door!"

    Are you constantly telling people to close the door?

    Refrigerator doors should close by themselves in most cases.

    Worn hinges can prevent them from sealing wasting cold air and spoiling your food. Your refrigerators need to maintain a certain temperature.

    By replacing worn hinges and installing door closers you can forget that problem door.

    You'll notice the difference right away.

  • ...custom cutting boards?

    • Cleanliness & convenience

    Our plastic cutting boards are made of virgin HDPE and are made in the USA. Each one is custom cut to your specifications. Our wood cutting boards are made of Pacific Coast maple.

    These long lasting boards have many uses on the kitchen.

    When custom fit to your counter, cutting boards are easier for your chef to use; it doesn't slip or drop. The food is easier to keep on the the easy-to-clean surface, not on the fixed counter.