Sink & Sprayers

Compartment sink drain parts

In case your dishwasher breaks down, the health department requires a three compartment sink : one for washing, one for rinsing and one for sanitizing. Each should be labeled accordingly and each should have a properly functioning drain so that your dishwasher can immerse large pots fully.

It's a health violation to not have a properly functioning drain; if your drains won't close you won't be able to wash and sanitize as required.

We carry most sink drain parts on our trucks. Just a quick test is all that's needed to determine if your drains stop up properly. No need to call an expensive plumber to fix this problem.

Brands carried

  • T & S Brass
  • Fisher
  • CHG
  • Chicago

Pre-rinse sprayers

A sprayer that dribbles or sprays everywhere but straight is a daily nuisance to your workers. If your sprayers are well maintained, they retain a forceful stream and your dishwashers can easily do their job.

Don't replace the whole sprayer! We replace just the parts that are faulty.

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    Parts for deck or wall mount sprayer The unit is expensive; the parts are not.

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    Parts for pre-rinse sprayerWe can sell the whole sprayer, or just replace the face, or the valve or any other component.

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    Pre Rinse Hose A flexible, armored cable available in a length to suit your needs.